Alexander Nantschev canvasses the human mind and spirit to discover the mind boggling perspectives that revolve around existence, identity, sentience, and consciousness. His latest explorations are cataloged in his album, “Selves”. With each song, he represents different alter egos to encapsulate the truest essence of living. Inspired by his own interactions and experiences, the eight song album is an ethereal combustion leading up to a swell of epiphanies. 

Taken from this album is the track, The Dynamics in which Alexander Nantschev channelises “The Guru” to guide the listener through dynamics of thought. His style is a nostalgic blend of classical music and contemporary palettes, a combo that stems from the music patterns and influences that he was exposed to as a child. The track opens with a tranquil breeze of synths, a neutral pallet that continuously evolves throughout the song. His hypnotic vocals is the perfect vehicle to journey through this blend of eastern and western classical frames, accentuated by lifting harmonies, gossamer synths, distorted electronica and chill beats. The artist has just released the instrumental installment of the Selves album, called “Voiceless Selves”. Each one an immersive blanket of personality that you can get lost interpreting. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Dynamics by Alexander Nantschev here –