What an acoustic delight! Dwindling piano melodies drip with thick emotion. They shimmer like candlelight, subtle but powerful against the dark backdrop. The melodies linger in the air and fill the room like fireflies. Swedish artist, composer, and neo-classical pianist, Carl Liungman has just put out his latest collection of piano numbers, of which Shine is a delicacy! Using a minimalistic blend, he weaves the song with classical piano virtuosity and melodic pop music.

The delicate canvas delights in minimalism. And the drops of light are great companions of a thoughtful mind. A sense of eternal peace envelopes us as we tuck into the cozy pockets of the track. The lilting rises, pregnant pauses, and solitary winks of melody move you to an overwhelming tenderness. 

It is astounding to see how the artist uses silence to achieve his vision. He harnesses its magnanimous emotion and holds them within specks of acoustics. And brings darkness to light. 

The song is taken from Liungman’s latest album of the same name. He explores a range of emotional frames with his nostalgic piano pieces. All thirteen compositions are deeply moving pieces that comment on the joys and sorrows of existence. This sophomore album comes two years after his debut album, BORN, which was released in May 2020. 

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