Claire Bigley is a soother of souls. There’s no other way to describe her musical prowess. The New Orleans-based classical music artist, new age pianist, songwriter, performer, and musical director is all about harvesting the healing properties of music to assuage the mind, body, and spirit. Her modern-classical instrumentals are a wonder to behold as they contour complex concepts and abstract sentiments in remarkable ways.  In her new single,   Embodiment, Clair Bigley collaborates with cellist, composer, and vocalist Jami Sieber.

The instrumental is a soothing euphonic continuum. Inky drops of piano melodies are carried by the ruminative tides of the cello. They craft movement frames with tongues of emotions darting in and out of them. Thick basslines roam through the mystical walls of melody to dramatically bolden the emotive power of the piece. Wonderfully composed and delivered, the song is an embodiment of growing and becoming.

Bigley showcases remarkable diversity with her music. Her improvisational style and intuitive manner allow her to create live musical canvasses. And if you listen closely, it’s almost as if you can hear it breathing. Since the release of her debut album, Labyrinth (2019), the artist has been widening her musical reach with consistent releases. In 2022 alone, the artist released four singles and an album, each of them a distinct class of sound healing.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, and YouTube Music!

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