An immersive tour of garden secrets and tropical tunes, Evening Whispers is the lead single from Craigology ‘s new album, Garden Tourist. The album contains five instrumentals, each unique and engaging in its own way. The musician, producer, and composer is known for his signature timeless blends of global musical patterns and for recreating life experiences with his sound. The artist composes his music using Logic Pro X, keyboards, software and hardware synthesizers, basses, guitars, and beats from all around the world.

A little bit of stardust, mixed in with dreamy myths and magical mysteries is the vibe of the song. The smooth jazz track is tepid and warm like the tropics. Pregnant with melancholy, the seamless flow of the synth melodies carries an ancient woe. Each arc is perfectly fused to its successor and lulls us with effortless grace.

Latin beats dance in the backdrop as the bittersweet melodies weep delicately. Rounded and smooth, the velvet melodies expand endlessly like the night sky. Like a serene lake, the vintage tunes soothe the soul with their innate empathy. A stream of jazz piano breeze into the inky soundscape, with a fresh sharpness and whimsical spontaneity.

Blended like a fairytale, the immersive composition is like a time capsule. Its tender vulnerability and soul is reminiscent of simpler times. A song as old as time, it narrates the experiences of night roses and vanilla skies.

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