Daniel Sarver is not your traditional film score composer. Yet here we are, a cinematic and almost spiritual journey into sound. His sound walks the balance between pop and cinematic-to create one that is truly his. His latest album is effectually a masterpiece of his own mind. This is a film populated by him, The movie in my mind.
Like Pirates of the Caribbean, the effect is felt instantly with the opening song. Swerving, wavy synths dominate the headspace like tides. From the credits to the seemingly adventurous moments are captured, all in snippets.
Try is a much slower, softer track. Like a ballad, it develops with the help of Agus Bouquet. It has the floating charm of a Disney track, the duet bringing feelings forward with smooth instrumental music. New life imagines retribution and rebirth in moments. With strings and guitar arpeggios telling a tale, you hear the drama within the arrangement itself. It is a brilliant song, the lead carrying the mystique and gravitas.
Trust builds to an incredible breathing moment, cueing from aspects of the past to create something playful yet tantalizing. As the transitions are mastered, you hear Daniel Sarver at his best, whittling the best kind of sound to feel. With Family, a waltz of scales and sounds is created. As a composer, he imagines this scene to be a complicated Ennio Morricone moment, yet has his key elements stand out. Daniel Sarver knows the moment he has framed is different, everything addresses this new frame of mind.
The title track is a collaboration with Tim Moyo. Opening with the piano, the vocals come in with the lightness of a pop track. It takes the elusive analogy of the film and makes an emotional song that becomes relatable to everyone. Perfect Dream is a synth and xylophone tone extravaganza. As the layers cascade into each other, it is apparent that Daniel Sarver can instantly visualize the movie in his mind. The clarity of thought, composition and imagery is an immense task, and he does it with panache. Somewhere creates the lost effect of the vague aspect that we are unsure of. Simple and clean, it doesn’t burden you with anything more than the arrangement’s meaning itself.
Gifted acknowledges a boon that is unnatural, but to benefit. Similar to Daniel’s ability to create such overwhelming arrangements, it is something that is of discovery. The associated pride and joy, to associate it with passion. By the time you get to Arrived, you hear a whole new sound. Daniel Sarver prepares you for a screening that is of a movie of its time, like none other. The sounds and effects are unique, sharp and represent the scene that they might be featured in. This talented composer was made for the silver screen. For now, enjoy his movie here: