If you’re in the market to devour fresh fruits of jazz, this song is for you. Desarae Dee is a Canadian pianist, keyboardist, and multi-instrumentalist who knows how to set a vibe. Her music is finely tuned to the frequency of emotions that she seeks to explore with each track. In her latest slice-of-life track, Holiday Soul, Desarae Dee carves out the mellow joys and nostalgia of the holiday moments. Its subtle bleeds and jazz blues have that winter magic on the outside and gooey warmth on the inside.

With textures at the center of it, the artist crafts a picturesque holiday. With glassy beats layered with jingles and a pulsing heartbeat groove, she sets the stage for delicate strings of piano melodies. Glistening twines of synth keys accentuate the slow-dancing jazz outfit with its incandescent energy.

This elegant arrangement instantly reminds us of dusk at Christmas time, when the lights are just starting to come on, beautifully reflecting the light of the bleak evening sun to illuminate the simultaneous descent of darkness.

Since she started performing in 2014, the artist has amassed notable accolades in her favor. Known as the Toronto Queen of Vibes, the artist uses contemporary arrangements to depict soul, faith, vulnerability, and divine balance. Her songs have been featured several times in Spotify, NPR Music, and Apple Music’s Jazz playlists.

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