Divine Hand Ensemble is a modern-classical orchestra with a sound that begins with Beethoven and extends to Bowie! It’s impossible to cast them into a mold, for their musical imprints defy categorization. Led by concern thereminist Mano Divina Giannone, the ensemble is a beautiful arrangement of a string quartet, two harps, vibraphone, and accordion. So sit back and enjoy cinematic sweeps of Peaches En Regalia performed by the Divine Hand Ensemble. 

Taken from their debut full-length album, Aria 51, the track is made up of shifting rhythm patterns and Mosaical instrumentation. The euphonic show masterfully synchronizes retro arrangements and vintage animation with hyperbolic waves of classical interludes. Swirling and birthing each other, the melodic transition is the perfect example of a seamless continuum. 

Throughout the eleven-song album, we get to see Giannone make matchless disguises for sound, each one unique and engaging in its magnificence. The symphonies of rock, jazz, blues, and reggae are wonderfully stitched into the grandeur of opera arias and classical builds. True to the alien implications of the album title, the songs are all affected by an unprecedented whimsy and eccentricity to form a harmony out of randomness. 

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