It is clear that Elad David likes to surprise even himself with his music. With unmitigated styles coming together to create an exciting cocktail of sound every time, listening to this artist is like getting your first Walkman. This is his latest single, Puzzle. 

There is no doubt there is a rich base of theoretical knowledge in Elad David’s brain. The puzzle might remain, how does it come out organically without theory butting its head in? With an industrial rock bassline opening this song, it could go any direction, regarding the execution. With key leads and strange sounds entering the fore, we have something funky to meditate on at every turn. The guitar solo brings a whole other dimension to this track, having folds and jumps like Alan Holdsworth’s solos. The shredding is imminent, yet calculated and crisp-there is no dawdling.

Elad David has shaken up his music core several times in the past few years. His album Uke Fever came out this year, and it is another palette of sound explored, miles away from what you would have just heard. Using his experience at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, he knows there are multitudes of directions to go. He, for one, will traverse them all. Till then, listen to the magic he has made here with his new single: