Musician, hip-hop artist and instrumentalist Fang Su has released his latest EP, Drowning in Darkness, and introduces it with The Coming. Since he began making music in 2021, the artist has released four singles and three albums, showcasing his eclectic blends and musical styles.

Darkness as a concept is vast and nebulous. Its nothingness is not empty but carries the weight to balance out everything. Using eclipsing sounds and ominous beats, the song drags heavily through the darkness. The resounding melodies extend like tentacles; a beast of despair crawling through nothingness. With minimalistic melody lines and a frugal beat structure, the artist beautifully brings not only the theme but also its essence of darkness into being.

The artist’s darkness is mysterious and rich with premonition. Its silence is heavy and laden with concealed meaning and insinuations. It is the calm before the storm, the sinister patience of a wild cat waiting for its prey. Its mercurial weaves are alluring as danger itself. The mesmerizing call numbs intuition and reason. And, the deeper you go, the more captivated you become with the solace you find. There’s no going back. The looming basslines are like an anesthetic that bends reality and crafts elaborate mazes that are insolvable. Finally, when the time comes, the gong is struck, and tag, you’re it!

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