Los Angeles-based, drummer, producer, and mixing engineer, FM EXPERIMENT (also known as Flozinho) has released his sophomore single, Away, a piano instrumental that speaks the language of our soul.

With inky piano melodies, the track dances into being. A celestial calm and a blue daze descend on us as we witness the masterful delivery of rippling melodies that flutter like the wings of a hummingbird. Reminding us of all things dainty and delicate, the melodies have a touching grace and transfixing elegance. Featherlight, the piano is accompanied by basic beats and the metallic touch of a bed of cymbals.

The artist gradually inculcates bass guitar lines that dot the track and shadow the piano melodies. We see a mesmerizing courtship between staccato and legato notes as the song progresses. Melodramatic and histrionic, the notes rise and fall seamlessly like a ballet dancer. The jazz ensemble moves with smooth spontaneity and charm that spreads all over the canvass. It’s subversive and unyielding to anything other than its own rhythm.

Reminiscent of FKJ, the calming melodies remind us of the beautiful things. Evergreen and misty, despite its intricate fabric is as enchanting as forests and as mysterious as aquamarine oceans. Incredibly picturesque, the track reminds us of the freshness of cold mornings and infuses us with clarity.

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