Gav Moran is a minimalistic musical connoisseur and composer. The artist leverages his classical roots and orchestral styles to craft versatile pieces of music that resonate with the soul. He has a way of whisking us away to marvelous lands that live within the intricate lines of melody. It is theatrical and transcendental. Gav Moran has just released his debut album, Broken Pieces. The nine-track collection explores mystique, melancholia, and majesty of man’s emotional condition. Taken from it is the track Radium in which Gav Moran employs a lilting stream of piano melodies to cast beautiful dimensions and perspectives. 

The abstractness of his canvasses translate to the emotion imbibed in it. Its true essence is evasive to be articulated but elaborate enough to be experienced by the human faculty. The course of the melody is free-flowing as it ascends and descends valleys of sentiment. Listeners of Hans Zimmer are sure to enjoy the intricate artistry of this artist. 

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