This classical confluence of violin, piano, and synths is as the name of the album suggests, a cinematic treat. With cascading patterns, swelling emotions, and growing histrionics make for a vibrant and rambunctious showcase. Our Adventure Concludes is the last song of this ten-track album by George Lincoln. After journeying through the quirky and eccentric classical frames making up the album, we are granted a magnificent release, a vivacious climax, and a wonderful aftertaste.

Cruising lines of high violin melodies and soft pausing piano keys build the foundation for the following cinematic turbulence. The artist bides his time, taps into the emotion of the instruments, and lets us marinate in it before beginning the show. Lincoln is a masterful landscaper in the way he brings together the rivers of synths with the breeze of violins. Weaved in with the delicate melancholy of endings and the promise of return, the track marks can end of an era.

George Lincoln is a British classical singer, producer, and composer of electronic music, whose work ranges from music for multimedia exhibitions to radio limited series. Known for his contemporary compositions, the artist blends functional classical harmonies with modern technique and experimental production to make arrays of sonic magic.

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