GOOW is an electronic music artist who conceptualizes emotions with a sonic magnitude that is pretty astounding. His mode of articulation is the undulating flush of synths that journey through ethereal scapes to deliver sublime constructs. His brand of pensive ambience alongside carefully laid out sonic patterns was first introduced earlier this year (2023) with his single, Stories. GOOW has just released his double single, Luminescent. And much like the title suggests, the two tracks, “Submerged” and “Sunrise and Monsters”, are curated with gleaming visual synths to form illuminating curves of melody. Listen Now! 

Listening to Submerged, you feel yourself dip into the surreal silences that exist below water’s surface. The melodies are in a state of constant motion, blooming with intuitive subtexts and facets that drench the mind. Smooth lines of echoes, rising basses, and gleaming synths are orchestrated to evolve together. Sunrise and Monsters is a more hyperactive counterpart. Its emphatic beats and thick lines of synths course with a symmetry underpinned with mystery and danger. With rippling patterns and a well-formed sonic scape, it plays out with dance beats and immutable melodies. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Submerged from the Luminescent Collections by GOOW here –