Grecco Buratto is a Brazilian born singer-songwriter, guitar player, poet and Latin Grammy® nominated producer. His compositions are an overarching spread of feeling and sentiment, made profound with gentle blues and resonant melodies. In his latest album, ‘Sem Palavras’, Grecco Buratto delves into a sphere of extreme tenderness. With delicate acoustic strokes, he shapes the unspoken and underlying contexts of life. Each pause, pulse, and parlay is rich with intention, purpose, and emotion. Listen Now! 

Taken from this album is the track Last Days. Wholly constructed with nimble strings, it glints with shining guitar notes. The rhythm presents like a conversation, taking breaths in between inflective melodies, flowing slowly with thoughtful dalliances and contemplative gestures. Underscoring all this is an acute melancholy and sadness that perhaps relates to the theme. Each segment of melody is weighted with dollops of bittersweet sentiment and melancholic grief. 

Grecco Buratto debuted in 2014 with his album, ‘Essas Coisas Todas’. In 2016, he released his single, ‘Traffic Jam Meditation’. After a brief hiatus, Grecco made his comeback with this sophomore album in 2023. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Last Days from the ‘Sem Palavras’ album by Grecco Buratto here –