Hot Spoon, Cold Mango discovers energy, mood, and ambiance with music. The banner is exclusively dedicated to flesh out the concept of presence. And this is especially brought out in the latest album, ‘Paw on Ears’. It is a collection of eighteen songs that discover the abstract frequencies of connection and communication between nature and humans.

With simple bleeds of melody, the artist leaves behind an etching trace of the inexplicability that comes with experiencing nature in all its candor, freshness, and beauty. He traces the magnitude with meditative blends, nudging the listener to fill in the landscapes through the infinity of thought, rumination, and reflection.

iTunes Artwork for 'Paws on Ears (by Hot Spoon, Cold Mango)'

Taken from this collection is ‘Amongst The Roots Of Trees’. The track is an electronic-acoustic hybrid. Piano melodies trickle across a backdrop of dazing synths, ethereal violins, and oozing bass notes. Melody and textures fuse to create a swaying continuum. Occasionally, a string of melody comes into focus, before fading away into the dense sonic follicles of the track. Despite the lack of lyrics or even because of it, these instrumentals stand and shine on their own.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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