IfIHadAHiFi is the new project of composer, songwriter, and producer, Gideon Frankel. Having enjoyed a successful career producing award-winning commercial soundtracks, Frankel has released his first solo artistic album, The Dryad, where he showcases the mysticism and mystery of music. Featuring performances of American jazz flutist Jamichael Frazier and Italian vibraphonist Gianluca Manfredonia, the album sports gorgeous vintage melody arcs that make you nostalgic for a time that you never knew. 

The LP opens with Broken Dreams where the stirring flute harmonies are underpinned by a snaking bass line and a groove that immediately gets your hips moving. Folksy flute melodies dance like nature nymphs and the Latin touch adds an unexpected twist to this instrumental. The Dryad is the next song of the album. A sense of tranquility is infused into the song by the rounded texture of the flute. Vintage keyboard melodies compel an instantaneous and inescapable toe-tapping in the listener. 

Burning Blues continues this refreshing escapade with forest-themed melodies dripping with soul. Like pop-rocks candy, the unexpected rhythms evoke a tingling sense of wonder and surprise. With the next song, Chocolate Box, as the name suggests, you don’t know what you’re going to get. The melodies flow into each other, with the evolving tempos of a calming wave. Sweet Tears kicks off with a curious melody that throws you back to the sounds of vintage cartoons.

The Phoenician picks up the tempo of the album again. Exotic flute melodies add a new layer of whimsy to the album. Reminiscent of a perfect summer outing with friends and fine food, Catch Some Honey combines the dominant flute melody with vintage keys and vibraphone riffing over a gentle groove. Spirit Dance’s guiro-driven percussion track accompanies the mystery created by the flute; telling a story filled with varying emotions and mystical textures. 

The Start of Something sports the album’s signature folk flute melody with licks of seduction and sensuality. The fluttering crystal melodies are beautifully blended with the groove. Evenings is the penultimate song of the album evoking the melancholy of yet another day coming to an end. With a nostalgic wave, the song melts into the sunset, and bids adieu to the fading light. Mellow Jive ends the album on an upbeat note that is powered by an intoxicating rhythm. The flute harmonies break off into beautiful tangents as the conga-laden percussion track keeps you grooving.

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