tJade Ashtangini’s music has a very ruminative presence. The swells of euphony decorate the space around you and inspire mindfulness and a creative way of thinking, living, and loving. Jade’s ambient instrumentation articulates the wordless abstractness of the world and its experiences. In her previous release, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, she recreates her momentous feelings and pleasures in the place, sculpting its soul with her tender lines of the song. And in her latest single, Heart Touching Moments, Jade Ashtangini takes to her cello to capture the feeling of a heart floating with gratitude and love. 

You know how in moments of true happiness, you find yourself dissolving into it, into the people and the situations that created it. That’s exactly how this unity of acoustic piano and cello melodies feels. They lure us into a numbing trance that has the levity of a feather. 

Jade has a multi-artistic personality. In addition to being a modern classical pianist and cellist, she’s also a composer, yogini, photographer, and a singer. Her minimalistic style and worldview make for touching pieces of music; with her pursuit of self, growth, wisdom, peace, and happiness forms a huge part of her expression. She debuted with her instrumental single, Inner Serenity, in 2020 and has since released twelve singles and an album. You can listen to them on her Spotify discovery. 

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You can listen to Heart Touching Moments by Jade Ashtangini here-