Kymotopia is an instrumental project that was founded by composers and musicians, Jean Noël Gos and Joseph Bijon. The two artists are devoted to searching and finding a magical ambience for mundane occurrences. Their trick is to never force anything, but to dwell in the natural momentum and rhythm to things. And in doing this, everything that unravels is what they put in song. In their latest release, ‘Fireside’ the duo bring the warmth and cozy textures of the theme, blending it with the silent air, filled with contemplations and perhaps quiet conversations. With small point melodies and ebb-flow-ebb trajectories, they capture the mellow, yet rich atmosphere of sitting by the fireside. Listen Now!

Both Jean and Joseph are guitarists. The way they use the instrument to seek out humanistic qualities and experiences is really beautiful. Be it gentleness, nostalgia, rumination, boredom, or just plain nothingness. If you enjoy immersing yourself in meditative / ambient flows that reveals life to you, this song is for you.

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You can listen to ‘Fireside’ by Jean Noël Gos and Joseph Bijon here –