This classical exposition sweeps the continent of the moon, with inky piano melodies and the occasional tide of the cello. Despite being a highly minimalistic canvas, the spatial silence in the intermediate has ethereal qualities that actualize the magnificence of the moon. Mare Tranquillitatis by Johannes Niermann is taken from the artist’s brand new album, The Moon, where he explores the mystery and mystique of the moon using ambient pieces of classical euphonies that re-create the nothingness and everythingness of our planet’s satellite.

So all the selenophiles out there, this album is for you and yours. By the end of the listening experience, you’ll be reaching out for your telescopes to see the moon from the perspective of the artist. His use of reflective melodies and masterful use of non-sound accents create an alternative reality in the mind. Its trailing echoes and epiphanic ascents leave pensive trails that evoke profound ruminations. The track exposes us to the vastness, drawing us into a mellow cosmic trance. It unlocks a higher consciousness that sees more, finds more, and feels more. So come experience the humbling grandeur of the lunar landing by the shores of this phantom ocean, Mare Tranquillitatis.

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