What are the winds saying to us when they breeze past? Do you hear it? John Puchiele Ensemble does and they’ve made a euphonic showcase about it – Burning Winds. Forming part of their latest album, Change, the track is the first of seven instrumental melodies that expand the mind and reveal the metaphysical universes within.

Ethereal synth blooms open up a paradise of blue sunsets and pink nights. The mercurial flows swirl with the magic of a crystal ball, beaming with answers to all our burning questions. A surreal calm descends on us. It has no beginning and no end. Just an ever-growing sphere of radiant light, lined with horizons that are neither ocean nor sky. Silvery mirages glint like trinkets within the expanding fabric, giving us a glimpse into the universes that make up our reality.

We levitate on the formless wings of the synths, suspended in an aurum atmosphere, dictated by the essence of mystique. Like flies in a fossil, we become the monuments of time, bejeweled and ageless; glistening in an amber meadow bathed by the golden rays of a thousand suns, trapped in freedom. These meditative melodies are buoyant like bubbles floating on water. And if you close your eyes, they become vessels that take you across the seas of the universe – formless winds that blow you to serene aquamarine waters.

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