Jorge may have the ability to conjure words through images. Provided, he’s created those images purely by virtue of his imagination. From the depths of his brain comes Entre Células, his latest album featuring instrumental excellence, his journals on dreaming as a musician. Let’s see what makes his sound so unique.

Let’s rest on the idea of minimalism here and why it works. His first track is called Pela Manhã, which loosely translates to In the Morning. Using only two notes, this is a beautiful depiction of what might be the morn. The two notes are like the sun and the Earth, coming together to transpire for life, birth and death. The beats come in, not stealing from the rhythm, but not pressuring a change in notes. There is a rudimentary spine to this that Jorge respects, and he adheres to the process of the track and the path it might take. As an instrumentalist with experience, he realizes organic growth is the only flow through the creek.

Entre Células might be remembered as his White Album, for there is much more creative gold to come from this man. He has composed a series of dreamy instrumentals that can be meditative and introspective if you allow it. The effects have been worked out to a specific amount of detail, for the desired effect. It can really do miracles to the depth and perception if you listen while concentrating. Listen to his album here: