The sonorous portraits of the German-Italian composer and artist, Julian Petrin reveal ethereal dimensions of beauty that are otherwise invisible. His brand of electronic stage music blends classical styles with contemporary curtains of beguiling synths. Listening to them is like being immersed in a well of outstanding perspective. In this new single, Julian Petrin creates a mosaic of swirling emotions coalescing into one resounding theme, Are We Okay? 

The track has a blooming structure, coming alive with layers of synths. It opens up like a flower in the mind. It is immensely rewarding to experience the fresh sonics wash over us seamless softness. Julian designs it with classical histrionics. The track delivers like an orchestra, misty with the trepidations in the title. 

The artist appropriates the depth of neo-classical styles and weaves it into an abstract ambient melody with downtempo electronica. With influences ranging from John-Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian, the artist emulates their impressionistic imprints in his canvases. His other inspirations include Vladimir Cosma, Philippe Sarde or Francis Lai and artists like Air, Rone, Bayonne or Niklas Paschburg. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the newest single by Julian Petrin, Are We Okay? Here –