When you think of contemporary sound design, you can’t help but think of Kepa Lehtinen. The Finnish musician and artist has received global acclaim and universal appreciation for his emotionally potent compositions. His use of the theremin, a touchless, gesture-articulated electronic instrument allows him to intuitively craft harmonies that are uninhibited and free. In his new album, In The Heart of Winter, Kepa Lehtinen details the essence of Nordic winters. With the title track divided into two parts, he lays out the growing despondency of the season. 

The two parts complete and clarify each other artistically. Informed by the silence and apathetic chill of winter, Pt. 1 tells a mournful story. The dollops of piano keys and groaning lines of the cello layer the weeping fabric of the theremin. The same sound design is carried to Pt. 2 which puts on a haunting show. It conceptualizes the harrowing loneliness of endless winters with introspective melody juxtapositions and engagements. 

The artist uses the theremin like no other. He lets it add strange harmonies and counterpoints to his pieces that make them otherworldly. Having studied sound design from Aalto University, he reveals his worldviews using the purest forms of art and magic – Music. He has composed music for both film and television and debuted his personal releases in 2012. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to In The Heart of Winter by Kepa Lehtinen here – 

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