Lior Holzman has a quaint soul and his musical expositions reflect it. With a penchant for creating emotionally arousing soundscapes, the artist defers to the grace and elegance of folk and acoustic blues. In his latest release, Labour, Lior Holzman presents his new-found ruminations on the topic. He takes his time to beautifully articulate the nuances of the subject using glinting lines of guitar melodies.

The rhythm of the song is redolent of the river of life. It opens with an equilibrium, an uninterrupted serene flow. And with progression, we can apparently discern the onward journey as the melodies encounter cobblestones, sharp edges to brush against, and narrow cleavages to trickle through. It forms a melancholic continuum that when looked at closely, is ravishing with real and affecting emotions that is familiar to us all.

The artist is a software automation engineer by day and a creative genius by night. His unassuming blends with a slice-of-life aesthetic are perfect to unwind to. With mellow tunes, he compels amazing revelations about the state of human affairs, ranging from love, passion, existence, monotony, surrealism, etc. Not a way of living per se, but a life-soaked exhibition. He debuted in 2021 with his single If I Hadn’t Met You and has since released five songs and an album. The artist is currently working on his second album which is expected to release before the end of the year.

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