Maurice Alexander converses through the ivories. The talented pianist makes some beautiful elements with structured melodies that create a driven, yet explorative approach. Each of his songs are thematic treatises on his thoughts and expressions. His latest single follows that tradition, making an expression an extension of his music.This is called Silent Promises.

There are a lot of unspoken, untold things in relationships. This transcends to friendships, understandings and the bond created between people. Maurice Alexander shows us how a simple unspoken moment can drive so many melodic strings together. It is a tangled web in the intangible, words not being necessary. It is also a clever placement of words, Silent Promises lacking any words, just like this brilliant instrumental. His phrasing makes it seem like the psyche having a conversation with the brain. It is emotive, shows how complexity can be balanced out using the dramatic monopoly of only the piano. He is making the black and white sketch out a powerful scene for him, and words were never necessary. Maurice Alexander is a master composer, repurposing imagery only using notes strung together. 

With this debut, Maurice is showing everyone his talent on the instrument. The keys echo with the need of his deft movement-balanced through years of practice and virtuosic determination. You can listen to his song below and follow him for more beautiful instrumentals to come. Till then, enjoy the reverie of this masterful piece he has composed.