Meditative Bliss transcends the momentary phase of music with elevating music. It can be classified as ambient, drone and mild instrumental-but what it does is create a soft soundscape for you to gently immerse into the moment. Connecting with your spiritual self is a difficult change in gear. Sunrise might create the essential environment for you.

The synths gently flow like mild currents in a low tide. The lead piano takes effect, but not breaking the surface tension created by the flowing sound. The other leads fall in, with light flourishes that mirror what the piano does. It is reflective of the kind of place you need to be, away from your breakneck speed of living. Sunrise could be the track that makes you appreciate the golden rays caressing your being, giving you the energy you need to begin your day. Guaranteed to give a smile on your face, this could be phasing out in the background as you enter deep meditation.

The length of a sit-down session for introspection, there is much to learn from this composition. The core melody remains unwavering. Knowing that repetition helps dissolve into a simpler, effective withdrawal, the flourishes make sure they never take away from this surreal experience. Meditative Bliss is the warmth of the day, creating a niche of hope for you.

Moments like this can be experienced with other tracks released by them as well. They already have 4 albums released on their Spotify page. Don’t forget to follow them for more music like this.