Melissa Grey and David Morneau are composers and producers with reflective affinities. They are known for making music informed by elemental themes like time, space, nature, language, dance. Crafted to disperse, the monosyllabic melodies string together a collective consciousness. In their latest album, Always Becoming, Melissa Grey and David Morneau bring in the talent of designer and musician, Robert Kirkbride. Known for his explorations of the interplay between memory, ornament, and place making, it is delightful to see how he conceptualizes them with music. 

The duo’s work is carefully profound, each detail coalescing into an expansive spectrum of music culture. The four track album dilates momentous evolutions with ruminative melodies. The slow builds of always has a way of luring us into a simple way of thinking. 

Using diverse textures and sound pallets, the granules of sound form a timeless arc, weaving into an ethereal sphere. Glassy synths are layered with shimmering fabrics, metallic skirmishes, and cymbal chimes. With dark vapors of harmony rising in the background, the droplets of luminous melodies in the surface are intensified. In this room of timelessness, an infinity is manifested. It pulls the melodies into its embrace, creating movement and dimension. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Always from the Always Becoming album by Melissa Grey and David Morneau featuring Robert Kirkbride here –