Nick Marks is a New York-based artist with a nuanced artistic flow. He folds Jazz and Electronic styles into an animated portfolio of cinematic allure. Listening to his work is immensely stimulating. He not only formulates melody but patterns and mood boards that amuses the mind. In his latest track, Paradiso, Nick Marks sets up fantastic arcs of jazz and blues with piano and saxophone melodies. Broad strokes that infuse a diffusing and dazed screen which is then dressed in glassy, whistling, and bustling imprints of modern electronica. Vintage cinema and cartoon nostalgia overlap with neo-funk and classicals to carve out a happy place. It shimmers and twinkles, exploding with instrumentation at every turn and refined by lively effects. Listeners of Tom Misch and blues lovers are sure to enjoy the vibrant sound of this artist.

The artist grew up in Melbourne, Australia, developing his craft by juxtaposing jazz with neo-soul, R&B, funk, latin and hip-hop influences. And he infused his musical consciousness into his passion for film scores and synthesizers to curate a style that speaks to his tastes and identity. He debuted early this year (2023) with his track, ‘Ride The Dragon’, following it with ‘Dorongo’ and ‘Paradiso’.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Paradiso by Nick Marks here –