Nightly Gatherings is an artist who is known for his musical abilities that can make people calm and soothe their minds. His tracks are rich in melodies and are carried with grace. Each note on his tracks is beautifully placed to deliver the emotion that he intends. He uses some amazing elements with charm to make his tracks super special and stand out from the crowd. The way he makes his tracks so ambient yet contained is just amazingly remarkable. He delivers emotions through his music. His discography is a vivid display of his skills and his deep sense of musicality.

I came across this amusing artist last week when he released his latest single which is named ‘New Beginnings’ and as the name suggests, the track is truly something that can encourage you to get past something that you’ve been meaning to overcome for a new beginning. He has used some vocal chops in the track which are heavily processed and sound so amazing that your heart will surely melt. He uses elements that are curated according to the vibe and he does that with his own sauce. Nightly Gatherings is a true magician when it comes to a perfectly balanced, great-sounding track. His experience and his hard work are clearly visible in his tracks and New Beginnings is a perfect example of that! This artist is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys some vivid musical instrumentals with a lot of ambiances. Do give this track a go and trust me you won’t regret it. 🙂

You can catch a little glimpse of New Beginnings by Nightly Gatherings here –