Parjam Parsi brings his studio to your audio system. In Decadence and Disarray are his musings through tumultuous thoughts and creative outbreaks. There is a playfulness of a Broadway music playwright as well as the sorrow of a despondent. Let’s see why this beautiful album is a milestone for this artist.

Based purely on instrumental fractions, these are windows into the mind always at work. The genius of Parjam Parsi is the magician on keys, bringing you the sound that he desires you to know. They are telling, provocative and surprising in many moments. Each has an experimental tone and distance that is traversed, truly a sight to behold. One October Day opens this wonderful journal peering into his life for this album. After his 2019 track, this has been his meditation-and the resultant art really shows. The varying tempo might be another aspect of life that is being looked at. He’s the viewer, with you, as this performance unfolds.

The understanding of melody, breaks and timing is essential. Parjam Parsi has mastered this uniquely, his journey logged in through this album. Listen to what he has showcased, a portal to another era and dimension while still bringing a signature touch to the ivory keys.