Piano Prince understands the world around them a little differently from everyone else. Their music has more than a fair share of soul sharing, and searching as well. Their latest single is Playing With You, featured in their latest album, Memory Lane.

Like the song suggests, it is a creation of moments from only notes. The playfulness can be read into, or experienced. With just the notes doing the destined dance, Piano Prince helps create a dense formula, that maybe only they can read into. The feel is incredible, like an interaction between nature and time is taking place. The music alleviates worry and pain, creates a cushion of comfort in the lap of a sonic dance. The art lies in the empty spaces, the silences and punctuation that is used to create the kind of melody that has been derived from quiet rumination. Their control over explaining moments without words is a sight and talent to behold. It is exciting, yet reaches for the deepest parts of you to understand.

The track is one of many unique gems from the album Memory Lane. The lack of lyrics makes it a neutral, observational piece of music that can be enjoyed as the work of art and effort it is. The release is their first album, creating a complex journey with a simple message of love and peace. Listen to the single here: