Raynald Grenier immortalizes the soft moments within his glistening capsules of piano melodies, in this new release, Doux Instants. The tender fabric of the track gracefully illuminates the largesse of the infinitesimal instances that make up a whole life. And despite the gossamer quality of the melodies, the artist composes them into an evocative landscape and humbling portraits of nostalgia.

The lilting dollops of melodies, float through the soundscape like leaves in the spring breeze. With every bead of melody, the artist strings together a whole life. It passes us by, one by one, moment by moment, preserved by the unfading legacy of the artist’s sound. And when you’re feeling nostalgic, these moments of euphony will light up like constellations, carrying the bejeweled romance of times past.

The composition is taken from The Piano Solo Collection, released as the artist’s first experiment in musical creation and composition after decades of stage performances. Since he began his career in the 1980s, the artist has played many concerts, beguiling his audiences with his emotive musical indentations. Inspired by Mozart, Beethoven, and Mahler, the artist prioritizes elegance and simplicity which might just be his secret to success.

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