Roger Ambroos’s musical style changes with the season. The Belgium-based multi-instrumentalist, artist, and singer-songwriter has often showcased his zeal for revitalizing conventional musical constructs. Music is the way he shares his joy. And having busked the streets of Hasselt for many years, his will to play and create quickly made him a local favorite. Roger Ambroos released Work in Progress as part of a double single, What The Flute, in 2021, with Hmbf! on the b-side. And as the title suggests, both tracks have a pronounced flute presence, edged by glowing basslines, growling riffs, and amazing beats.

The track carries the dynamic restlessness of becoming. Using ruminative and glum guitar melodies, the artist depicts inactivity and stagnation; contrasting it with the flourishing smoothness, and playfulness of the flute melodies. He uses both acoustic and synthetic flute sounds to create lavish and vibrant accents against the rocky soundscape. And before you know it, you’re swept away by the surmounting energy.

His musical act is versatile, branching into multiple genres like classic rock, pop, country, blues, and folk. With each release, you never know what you’re gonna get, which forms a major part of his appeal. And the effortlessness with which he crafts such magnetic and affecting compositions not only speaks to his virtuosic skill but expounds on his love for the art.

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