Rupert Cox is a pianist with a versatile spell. His soundscapes reveal such interesting sonic dimensions that in their uniqueness does away with the listener’s ennui. They are engaging and exciting in a way that impels creative connection in the mind. He casts us in an atmosphere of mellow stimulations, nurturing it progressively. Influenced by artists like Blake Mills, Genevieve Artadi and Brad Mehldau, he draws out emotional quotients of sound. It is exploratory, contemplative and playful. In his joy of discovering and sharing these spaces, he inspires our own.

iTunes Artwork for 'Gold (feat. Mohan Evans) - Single (by Rupert Cox)'

For his single, ‘Gold’ Rupert Cox collaborates with insightful work of producer and electronic music artist, ‘Mohan Evans’. With glistening melodies, upping beats, and fluid structures, the track presents like a wave of positivity. Dotting percussion, effervescing echoes, and synths mesh seamlessly with Rupert’s piano work. And the result, a mellow stream of weightlessness that flows into you consistently.

Rupert Cox debuted with ‘Embers’ earlier this year (2023) and has since released five singles that all, now, feature in his full length debut album, ‘Search Party’. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Gold’ by Rupert Cox and Mohan Evans here –