Santi Oia is known for the ruminative ambiences that he crafts. Devoted to the art of detailing moments, experiences, and encounters, the artist’s work dilates the faculties of the mind in ways that allow the listener to perceive more and feel more. Blending neo-classical melodies into diverse real life sound samples, he frames a scene for you like a painter. The artist released his debut album Música Relajante con ASMR in 2021. The 18 track collection explores themes ranging from naturalistic to ethereal, all submerged in a pensive web of lilting piano melodies. Taken from this album is Fragilidad, a track that shows off the wondrous idyllic sensibilities of Santi Oia. Listen Now!

The track opens with natural sounds of water falling and birds chirping. This introduction sets a refreshing tone. Soft piano melodies flow freely like thoughts in a serene mind; each note dancing with a deeper perspective. Fragilidad gifts a profound gentleness to the listener as its valley of song illuminates the intricate and delicate patterns of nature.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Fragilidad from the Música Relajante con ASMR by Santi Oia here –