Sombertrap has just released his third single of the year, The Distance (between Before and After). The instrumental is an aching exhibition of melancholy and a mystifying sadness. Its depth is meant to resonate only with the soul. But, I will try my best to articulate it for your benefit.

The acoustics of the piano unfurl like satin curtains. Their graceful flourish is profoundly emotive as they try to make sense of the eternal gap between before and after. Delicate lines of melody emerge from the irreconcilable cliffs of time that flow forever with hopeless hope. And the incompleteness of their connection spreads a woe in us that runs as deep as heartbreak.

It is truly astounding to see how the artist is able to anchor the emotions in the piano melodies and realize them over the course of the song. Tragedy, by virtue of its essence, is endless. It flows with a slumberous passion for evermore. By leveraging the mournful potential of the piano’s sound, the artist discovers lost islands of melancholia. Truly incredible! The mellow neo-classical track is definitely a must-listen!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to The Distance (between Before and After) by Sombertrap here –