Thexele has been dreaming of being an artist since she was 3. This is probably why music utilizes all of her expression. It is the very centre of her being, helping her process and express the most magical times like her pregnancy or the most difficult of times. Her instrumentals sound like fluidic poetry, without a word being said. Such is the grace and appeal of her compositions. This article covers her single, Avalanche of Thoughts, from her latest Music from the Soul Album

Thexele has a compositional style that seems to be an extension of her own state of being. Progressions differ and flow into one. Stylistically, they are electronic overlaps with acoustic leads. In this particular single, the dynamism is felt in how they react with each other. She seems to be the fusion, the bond between the worlds that have been on sword’s edge. The minimal percussion floats all attention to the emotional composition. As the arpeggio is heard in the background, there are more melodic tributaries that take you on shorter journeys within the length of the song.

Understanding Thexele and her style

Maturity in arrangement, rhythm and symphony creation is something that is felt from the very moment you press play. Her album mostly includes instrumental compositions, which were created earlier, along with a few songs. All the music on this album has been rethought and improved by the songwriter over time. Some tracks have acquired a completely new sound, due to the singer’s vocals and choral vocalizations.

Understanding Thexele’s work is a complex overlap of many personal and musical travels. What you hear as the final is that confluence, the balance to bring through music. You can know more about this spectacular artist on her website: Her social media is linked below as well. Listen to her powerful single from her latest album here:



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