Yannick Mirko creates a departure song with connotations and links to the Earth. Their track is called I’d Rather Be in Space, a piano melody that keeps you yearning for the time before and after. It is an elegant composition, something that creates suspense through a frozen moment.

Their music is an extension of their thoughts, imagine am artificial brain. These are processes, songs and fragments of their life that pulsate at a frequency and feel like no other. You could call it a highlight reel, or just the parts of their autobiography they wish to show you. Their single here focuses on a singular moment, the background in focus with a heart monitor’s sound. In a classic case of escapism, the protagonist would prefer the astral form to take the real along with it, creating a sombre, melancholy tune that stays with you. It has a feel that is deeply personal, yet relatable due to the simplistic way in which it has been written.

Yannick Mirko understands the process they put out very carefully. Their songs like crying by myself and songs i play on old pianos when im disassociated are brilliant, tightly constructed windows into their personal life as a musician, and more importantly a person. The two intertwine like a thread of fate, and their music is recommended to relax, reminisce and rejoice. Listen to their single here: