Yosef Gutman-Levitt is a high-caliber instrumentalist who fosters a sonic honesty and vulnerability like no other. Written and performed from the soul, all his tracks are out there to catch connections and celebrate the beauty of being human. He dives into contemplative spheres of Nigunim (melodies from the heart) to set out conceptual flows. His latest release is the album titled, ‘Melodies of Light’, featuring the talent of fellow artist and musician, Omri Mor. Each track’s title holds so much promise for sentiment that you can’t help but peek in to see how they represent the themes.

The album is introduced by ‘Movement One : Opening’. It is an evolving continuum of concept, style, genre, instrumentation, and emotion. With a run time of seven minutes, we see it flow out of pensive and cool neoclassical pallets to warm folk blooms. Glinting strings shape into resonant drops of piano melodies. With gradual tonal variations, they lift into the buoyant texture scapes of earthy notes. Listen Now!

Yosef debuted in 2019 with the ‘Chabad Al Hazman’ album and has since released eight incredible collections that have a distinct timelessness to them.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Movement One : Opening’ by Yosef Gutman-Levitt here –