Exploration is part of the game for Ari Joshua. Here is an artist who got recognized for his instant ties to music, to create something special eventually. From observing and playing with greats to creating his own style and platform where it grows, it all seems like a tale out of a storybook. His songs create a strange sense of mystery and magic. This is part four of his incredible jazz singles, Meeting of The Minds P4.

Just that bassline could carry the song. With the kind of textures and depths Ari wants to explore, this steady backbeat and groove is necessary. The dissonance with the new layers brings an animosity between these so-called minds. When we recede, each instrument gets a special spot in the light. You still hear the backbone being maintained with the bassline. It is a powerful movement, and each instrument stands up to sing their song. The tone varies from surprise to mystique and an approach that is unique to his tone. It brings a lot of drama from each of the phrases and collective styles used. The synth portion is particularly exciting, making a link to the greats like Deep Purple’s Jon Lord. 

Ari Joshua will keep testing the waters to create something obscenely interesting. His album Meeting of the Minds is a collection of some beautiful work put together by spearheads of indie jazz and funk. His latest single SoulMine is out as well, which you can listen to now. Listen to his single here and follow him for more jazzy energy: