Periscopi Invertit is an experimental folk band led by bass player and composer, Mireia. He blends Catalan folk melodies with North African rhythms and jazzy vibes to create a unique realm of folk music. He finds the essence of old folk and aligns it with retro funk and jazz commands to unlock an elating sonic perspective. Rhythmized by intuitive Latin beat cycles, his work pushes the mind to find creative ways of thinking and understanding music. In their latest single, Ball Pla De Lladurs, Periscopi Invertit reinforces their multicultural approach to music. 

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The instrumental follows an inquisitive flute dictation, complemented by heaving orchestral ensembles. Adjoined by frames of funk and jazz, the listener journeys through dated and contemporary expression. It’s a lilting mosaic of molten saxophone spills, dancing keys, and unsuspecting rhythm lines. The improvisations are solely motivated by emotion and passion, in a way that elevates the theme to the next level. 

Periscopi Invertit debuted in 2021 with single, El Poder Del Cant. Followed up with Ball Pla De Tirig, and this track in 2023, the band is teasing the release of their debut album. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Ball Pla De Lladurs by Periscopi Invertit here –