Ruud Voesten is a drummer and composer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The artist has an underrated style, mixing jazz arrangements with mild classical ambience to form histrionic and dramatic scores. With his latest single, Clickbait Merchants, Ruud Voesten drenches his listeners in old school blues. Its performative design and sound pallets are reminiscent of the music in vintage James Bond movies and Pink Panther cartoons. 

The track opens with urgent hyperactivity and suspense. Jazz piano melodies and mellow cymbal details set an atmosphere of investigation and climactic discovery. Driven by pompous saxophones, the rhythm tells a story and sets the mood. And as the tempo recedes midway, a jazz saxophone soliloquy takes the spotlight. Adorned in warm, dreamy velvet, its intricate inflections and virtuosic delivery, it brings an intimate touch. It blossoms and spreads at whim, leaving behind a melancholic aftertaste.

The track is the first release from the artist’s upcoming album. Inspired by Dante’s journey through the Inferno, and themes like self-discovery, humanity, and morality, these tracks are posed to impel the listeners to contemplate their own position with respect to the world and society. The full album is all set to release by September 2023. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Clickbait Merchants by Ruud Voesten here –