Daniel Bohn peels back the layers on progressive metal with his music. Exploring a genre with thousands of sub-genres embedded in between, he is trying to bring a certain soul back into this kind of music. With his singles Divinity and Alone-he has become a favourite in the indie metal community for his effervescent melodies. This single of his is from his latest album, Emotions of the Sky. This is called Kujira.

Translated to as whale, you can see why the opening riff seems so heavy. I draw parallels to the popular Gojira track, Flying Whales. Though the riffs are very different, the mass and leviathan proportions are felt by Daniel Bohn expressing it through this string theory. The melodic vocals are like a choir angel, a contrast to the pummelling riff. The riff evolves later into a Duplantier brothers breakdown, the drums and riff syncopating to create a delicious pocket for the vocals. From a musician who is reinventing himself, Daniel goes above and beyond for this single. The 7-minute plus track has some blistering speeds with energetic fly bys- something that is signature to his unique sound. 

He has reviewed his style to alter the emotion of the song, and thus cannot be restrained. Music from Daniel Bohn is a trans-dimensional experience, and we hope it always remains that way. The creative unfolding is to be experienced on repetition, so make sure you order his music and support him for his incredible work. Listen to his single here!: