Gary Dranow has a blues band. He is a blues and rock vocalist. However, this is one artist who can’t be contained. There was a dare, and Dranow was asked to write a song with digital influences. He does not disappoint. This one is called Digitize, and it is the sweepstakes you have been waiting for. 

With techno infusions in the sound, Gary Dranow ensures you feel the guitar string textures as well. It has a prog rock feel, and is very unexpected from this same artist who wrote Destiny Road. It builds into a metal laced chorus, with screaming vocals and a style that will catch you off guard. The song is a massive departure, several ports away, from the Clapton like rock Dranow used to enjoy.

This artist has proven himself to be a connoisseur of all kinds of refreshing music, ensuring live instruments play a prominent part in the feel of the song. It is more than what you bargain for, listening to Gary Dranow is always such a treat. He flexes his instrumental strength garnered and pairs it with the fine extremities his vocals can go into. Digitize is Gary having a nu-metal craving, and the result might suggest we subscribe to this feeling.

The Cry of War, Golden Child are all singles that Gary brings his A game in. Though those are closer to his original playing styles and have a hard rock swing to it, this is a pack of cards for a whole other game. Listen to his single here: