MADAME NEPTUNE get to reignite our faith in metal with their music. A mystical duo with music flowing to them through streams of consciousness, you can never tell what direction their psyche will take them. You are tagged along, as a precursor to their whole message. This is their latest single that is as explosive as it is memorable. This is called He Rises-PATH:LESS Version.

If you have heard the original single, you’ll know what all is there to like in the song. It is an entity of chaos and organised thought flow, all rolled in one. This version banks on the riff for the dynamite character in the opening, but then the vocals come in. It is softer, more deliberate and create the perfect storm to observe. As metal artists, MADAME NEPTUNE are a concoction of what is missing in the genre, while having their own DNA splayed into the meaning of the songs. This results in some extremely well-designed character expositions, a rivulet which leads to a waterfall. The quicker pace of the original is made to disappear, creating a very calculated, mysterious attempt at sharing the same message. The output is a dive into the dark gorge, knowing it will receive you with open arms. 

You can listen to more music by MADAME NEPTUNE, who use their unique talents for something more than music. Their songs Shine and The Banshee are must listens, and the compositions will always remain unique in performance. Listen to their single here and follow them for more brilliant music!: