Moat Cobra started a tremor the first time they performed. Unknowingly, they have been noticed in the indie rock and metal community for their dedication to rocking out hard, every time. Their 2018 album Deimos was the indicator for that, and they release their live song called Devour today. The live recording will fill you with all the fury, for the right reasons. 

The dynamite entry is exactly with the song deserves. The tempo goes into an instant overdrive, creating a vacuum of silence and a great canvas for enjoying the single. For a 2-minute thrash track, they have nailed every beat and the vocals as well. The riff’s dark transitions will remain with you, even the double bass is relentless through the song. Energy is boundless in the way they have composed this single. DCxPC brings some brilliant artists to showcase their showmanship, and Moat Cobra have delivered. You can hear more of their compositions on their Spotify, for this track is a trailer to what they have released. They have a new release lined up, and as a new fan, I can’t wait. 

Appalachian Snake Charmer and Permian are some of the favourites from the album Deimos. Make sure you follow Moat Cobra and horns up when you’re listening to this thrash gem. Until the next single, Devour should be your playlist repeat! Listen to the song here: