Nekoticat is a musician and solo-vocalist based in Germany who self-admittedly enjoys exploring themes of love, heartbreak, death, rebirth and motivation. He embodies the ethos of Do-It-Yourself and takes a personal approach to his music production. He uses his music for creative self-expression liberation and primarily works within the genres of Progressive Metal and Electronic Goth. “A Million Voices” is his debut single.

The track begins with a single-note piano ballad and the electronic elements of the track show up soon after. The electric guitar dominates the track. It is grungy, loud, punk and overpowering just as intended. The percussion is hi-hat heavy and adds rhythm to the track while the really high-pitched key tones bring in variety in terms of scale. The instrumentation has a sense of urgency to it although it takes its own time to set up before introducing the vocals.

The vocals are echoed out and although not very deep in terms of tone, it leaves us with an airy and haunted feeling.  It is rough and scratchy, all characteristic of the genres it dabbles with. I wish the song had a little more structure and explored its sonic concepts completely before progressing to the next.  I personally really enjoyed the way the production plays with intensity. It gives space for the vocals to shine and understands when to mellow down so that is can bounce back with power. The solo element before the soft bridge was particularly exceptional.

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