Parhelion have an insight into what rock has transformed into. Their sound can’t be defined by their arrangements and choices in melody-but how it develops. In a way, they represent the time bar of prog rock changing-altering themes. Their latest single cements their foothold in the indie prog rock scene without a shade of doubt. This is Banded Eyes.

In many ways, this sounds like Puscifer or A Perfect Circle. Keenan’s vocals are synthesized in a way that bring real emotion and reason to the music. Diving into the hyperboles and how it unfolds to manifest new meaning, their polyrhythms keep you entertained still. This is an epic of drawing out the details of an epic. The middle sections are an obvious tip of the hat to Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor of TOOL. This is a tasteful cocktail that ensnares you with its taste, as you realize it’s been laced with copious amounts of LSD.

It is a trip you’ll pretend to understand, associating spiritual meaning to it. Let’s be honest, the riff and drums anyway got you, being a rock fan first and foremost. Even if you can’t keep up with the altering time signatures, headbang to a 4/4. There’s a good chance they’ll catch up to you. 

Parhelion have just got started, and this is their debut effort. From what I’ve read on their Spotify bio, isolation should have given you an incredible album with mild realization. Or a mediocre album with extreme beatitude. If you enjoyed their music, follow them-no band just releases the one song: