Rene Sagnelli crafts some of the finest thematic music there is. A fan of music as much as he is of fantasy, he brings to us a delectable track will bring you goosebumps. For all its worth, it conjures the images, styles and themes of the world it belongs in. This is a cover of the iconic song that appears on The Witcher on Netflix, Toss A Coin to Your Witcher.

The thematic world itself has taken over pop culture. From the video game and Netflix series, there are fans from all realms that flock to this fantasy world. Rene Sagnelli creates something worth diving into, implicating his own style and worth in the process. The result is a priceless, hair-raising cover of a brilliant song. Featuring Anna Fiori, one of the biggest metal artists of Mexico-this song kicks ass in all the minerals and treasures that this world brings.

The metal styled breakdown and vocal parts are so impressive, I would love to splice them to create an amalgam of the two within the series. Rene Sagnelli is an artist who loves music, and creating this keeping in mind the theme and origin of the song is what makes it the effortless gem it is. Shining from all sides, it is as good if not better than his debut single, The Machine. 

His music will take you to places even you didn’t know exist. Rene is a talented guitarist, and his collaborations come with a price of being addicted to them. The artists he chooses elevate his music and edge out this style. Make sure you follow him for more singles like this! You can watch the video as well here: