Schwerer Traum have been rocking before many of us were in our diapers. These are metalheads who found the genre to be their path to salvation. What they were denied, they have fought to get. Their compositions are uniquely a razors edge in groove metal-an identity they have carved through their catalogue. This is their latest single, In My Dreams. It is featured in their 2022 album, Schwerer Traum III.
The haunting, distilled tone of the guitars are enough of a prelude. As the slow groove breathes, the percussion comes in to give the undercurrent. As the tone gets deeper into the main riff, the vocals make an entrance like a steel bullet. At no point is the rhythm left with open pockets, time signatures and themes being explored on parallel lines. The production allows you to hear the crisp, crystalline levels of each of the live instruments, and the vocals on a different layer. Tonal perfection has been explored on all grounds for this entire album-just perfect for their sonic soliloquies. Post the 3:30 mark, they capitalize on the groove, doubling down on the aggression. It leads to the opening groove, and perfection is accomplished.
On Spotify, you can explore them with their 2011 album Sessions as well. Schwerer Traum III, is at the pinnacle of genre exploration, from a band that has broken new ground for decades now. The duality in the nature of their vocals, to the flowing rhythms that change character, are exciting to listen to. Follow them and their incredible sound and make sure you check out their album!